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Lead Funneling

Automatically capture, share and track leads from any online and offline lead sources including Facebook, Zillow, Realtor. com, your personal website, landing pages, listing signs, etc.

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Speed 2 Contact

Big Purple Dot's text message autoresponder allows you to instantly keep in touch with new leads. Our SMS autoresponders have shown to increase lead conversions by over 80%. You will always be one step ahead with an immediate auto-response to every new leads initial inquiry.

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Realtor & Lender Collaboration

Easily share and collaborate with team members and partners on every lead with one system. Using our software, you can automate notifications to team members and partners when you share a lead with them as well as when you update the lead with a call, text, email or note. Additionally, you can choose which status updates and notes you share with partners who are not using our software using our outside partner feature.

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Online 1003 App

Automatically update a contacts file in Big Purple Dot every step of the way with our Online 1003 App. It pushes data into your loan origination system in addition to sending updates to borrowers, realtors and loan officers at each milestone.

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Automated Lead Distribution

Automatically distribute to your team members, throughout your company and/or preferred partners. With our software, you'll have the ability to automatically distribute leads using round robin or shotgun distribution rules. Additionally, you can set a time limit to claim a lead before it's automatically redistributed to the next available team member or partner. Our automated distribution feature ensures every lead is assigned to someone who can immediately address it, increasing Speed to Contact.

Call Tracking / Recording

Keep a detailed call log of all incoming and outgoing calls and text messages. With our call tracking feature, incoming calls, with optional recordings, can instantaneously create or update a contact within your database.

Tools for Automated Pre & Post Sale Marketing

Add your current email and text templates, create custom email and text templates and manage all of your email and text drip campaigns using our robust automated marketing features.

Robust Mobile CRM App

Manage your leads on the go with our mobile CRM app for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. And, as web-based system, you can easily access and manage your leads from all other mobile devices, including Android devices, using the mobile web version of our system.

Keep your whole team in sync on the go

Stay connected with your team members, contact leads, and much
more through our sleek and streamlined mobile CRM app
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Our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard provides a view of high closing rates even amongst the largest corporations

Organization Throughout Teams

Gain visibility on your team or company's entire contact database by connecting all marketing sources and team members through Big Purple Dot. As a team leader or nationwide organization, Big Purple Dot provides a top down view of every team member and their contact database. Big Purple Dot's software simultaneously empowers each team member with independent management of their sales opportunities while also providing management with visibility of the organization's entire pipeline.


Five Star Customer Service

When you sign-up for Big Purple Dot, you're not only getting the best mobile-friendly CRM in real estate, you're getting the best support team backing your business. With live webinar trainings offered daily to a dedicated success coach, our team will be with you every step of the way to get the most out of your contact database and marketing campaigns.


Built for Realtor Success

Big Purple Dot helps realtors better manage co-marketing relationships with lending partners on any lead source. Using our software, realtors can transparently collaborate with lending partners to automate updates, increase lead conversion and ROI on their marketing campaigns

Create teams & roles

Grow your business by recruiting and managing new team members using our software.

State of the art server security

Our software relies on the best technology available when it comes to protecting your data.

Five star customer service

When you implement Big Purple Dot into your day-today operations, you're adding the best technology support team to your business.