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Lead aggregation

Lead Aggregation

Automatically funnel leads from sites like Zillow®, Trulia®, and®. You can also use a unique phone tracking number so calls can populate your CRM and optionally record your conversation.

Manage clients

Manage Clients

Share leads with your partners, assistants, and loan professionals. Lead sharing allows multiple users to write notes, set reminders and milestones, send property updates, and securely upload documents.



We are in the business of making you money. Our reporting tools allow you to visually sift through your leads and easily determine which marketing campaigns are working, and those that are not.

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What Our Lenders and Agents Are Saying

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Left quotes  I first partnered with Big Purple Dot back in June 2013; now all my loan officers are partnered here at Big Purple Dot.

If you're a loan officer looking to improve your number of realtor partners, the number of their referrals, and your overall communication with both parties, then Big Purple Dot is a must add to your business.  Right quotes

Jo movementmortgage
Jesse Olson
Senior Loan Officer & Branch Manager
Movement Mortgage
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Left quotes  Big Purple Dot is an affordable solution to handle multiple ad, marketing, and online campaigns. The ability to record, track, and sort phone calls makes our business run much more efficiently.

We have found that Big Purple Dot is very scalable and able to handle our company as we grow.  Right quotes

Jh morris realty
James Harrison
Chief Operating Officer
William Morris Realty Group
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Left quotes  Big Purple Dot's system is cutting edge and has been able to combine aspects of at least 5 systems -- including our contact management, internal processing, and lead capture system.

Big Purple Dot has given us a transparent system to communicate with our realtors and has given them a CRM system if they didn't have one in place. It has allowed me to develop over 23 realtor partnerships and our branch is well over 100 partnerships right now.   Right quotes

Sh monarch
Sean Hasson
Senior Mortgage Consultant
Monarch Capital Home Loans
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Connecting Lenders and Agents with Leads

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