Video Tips & Tricks

Short clips showing tips, tricks and shortcuts to get the most out of Big Purple Dot
How to Add a Hyperlink to an Image
Adding links to images within your emails will help you keep your emails short and to the point. Your hyperlinks can redirect contacts to a website with additional information, an application or a video that can elaborate on what you reference in an email template.
How to Add/Edit/Delete a Status Tag
Status tags are the heart of a Big Purple Dot account. The great thing about our status tags is they're fully customizable! We recommend using our status tags to help you organize your entire sales workflow which includes automating everything from task reminders for all team members, auto-response SMS and email messages to speed up your initial follow-up to new leads, and drip campaigns to help with ongoing follow-up. Watch this video to find out how easy it is to add new status tags and to edit or delete your current status tags.
How to Add an Email Template
With Big Purple Dot, you're able to create and store templates using both plain text and HTML coding. Additionally, you can create templates with images, attachments and hyperlinks. By storing your email templates in your Big Purple Dot account you'll increase how quickly you're able to follow-up with one or more contacts in your database. Also, to help you track how your email templates are performing, we have a reports section dedicated to showing you who is opening your emails and which links they're clicking on.
How to Add an Autoresponse Email
Automating a single email to be sent to one or more contacts when you or a team member applies a specific milestone status tag will ensure the right update or document is sent to contacts in your database right away, every time.
How to Add a Video to an Email Template
You can share videos through email marketing in Big Purple Dot. Videos can easily be shared by adding screenshot images of your video to an email template and simply hyperlinking that screenshot to the website where the video is hosted. Video marketing is an effective way to engage your contacts. To make sure you know how effective your video marketing is working for your business, we make it easy to track who views your videos and when they've viewed them.
How to Add an Image in an Email Template
You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing an email template in your Big Purple Dot account. One option is adding one or more images to a plain text email. Start adding creative images and GIF's to your email templates today! Doing this can help increase engagement, click through rates and ultimately, lead conversion.
How to Add an Attachment to an Email Template
You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing an email template in Big Purple Dot. One option is adding attachments. You can attach everything from a checklist to a form-fillable application. Keep in mind that when you send attachments through Big Purple Dot, the attachment is as a hyperlink to a separate webpage. If the attachment is a form-fillable document (i.e. an application), it will still function as a form-fillable document through the hyperlink. Since your attachments are links, you will be able to see who is clicking on your attachments and when they viewed them.
How to Send an Email Blast
Sending out an email blast is an effective way to immediately touch your entire contact database with a customized message. An effective email blast would include announcing a new loan program, a new listing, an upcoming open house or a change to a new organization. When done a monthly basis, email blasts can yield an increase in lead conversion.
How to Text
SMS or text marketing is the most effective way to generate an immediate response from contacts in your database. According to most studies, nearly all text messages are read within the first 2 minutes of being received. In addition to telemarketing and email marketing, incorporate the usage of SMS communication to increase the number of appointments being set and to direct contacts to websites and videos with additional information about your services.
How to Transfer a Live Call
With our new phone transfer feature you can perform live phone transfers from your Big Purple Dot account. This new feature will increase your speed-to-contact between team members and partners who are also on Big Purple Dot. Now you can connect the lead with the correct party seamlessly as you reach out to them from your contact database. Additionally, you can conduct conference calls with a team member or partner and the lead to increase transparency amongst all parties involved in the transaction.
How to Create an Event/Task
Never forget to follow-up with a contact in your database using the task and event reminder feature. It not only builds a robust daily to do list based on previously created tasks and events, but it will send you reminders leading up when those tasks and events are due. Additionally, the system will even build an overdue list for those tasks you weren't able to get to when they were due, ensuring no lead falls through the cracks.
How to Connect Zillow Reviews
You can share your most recent Zillow Reviews on every email you send using Big Purple Dot by connecting your Zillow profile to your Big Purple Dot profile. Enhance the stature of brand and your name by connecting your Zillow reviews to your email marketing efforts through Big Purple Dot.
How to Reset Your Password (from the login page)
If you have trouble remembering your password, don’t worry. You can easily reset your password from the login page located on As long as you remember the email address associated with your account, you can have password reset instructions sent to your account within seconds. Make sure your password is something that’s simple enough for you to remember, but complicated enough to prevent unauthorized access to your contact database.
How to Reset Your Password (from your profile page)
You can easily reset your password from the profile page under the Settings menu. Make sure your password is something that's simple enough for you to remember, but complicated enough to prevent unauthorized access to your contact database.
How to Connect Dotloop
As a real estate agent, you can streamline the entire sales process by connecting your Big Purple Dot account with your Dotloop account. When you turn on the connection between these two platforms, you're combining the power of automated lead capture, follow-up and conversion with a paperless transaction management system that keeps everyone in the loop as the transactions speeds its way to close.
How To Set Up Notifications
Setting up the right type of notifications can dramatically impact whether or not you complete your scheduled tasks and remain on top of your scheduled events. Use the notifications to make adjustments to how you receive your new lead notifications, calendar notifications and contact notifications to ensure when you are notified you'll take immediate action. Your notifications can be sent to you as an email, a text or a push notification from our mobile app. Either way you choose to receive Big Purple Dot notifications, always choose the notification type that best fits your follow-up style.
How to Set Default Filters
Use our default filters feature to set a priority view of your contact database to ensure you're seeing your database in a way that helps you achieve your follow-up and lead conversion goals. You can use the default filter feature to prioritize seeing your newest leads, your most recently modified leads or a group of leads under a specific status tag at the top of your contacts page. Choose the filters you want applied to your database throughout the day so no opportunity for a deal falls through the cracks.
Create Tag Triggers to Schedule Calls
Quickly build call lists for yourself or other team members using our tag trigger feature for scheduling calls based on specified status tags. Our dialer mode feature can help you create a dialer campaign where a select group of filtered leads can be added to a section separate from your contacts page for the purpose of calling them one at a time. As you leave a message or communicate with a lead, you'll have the option to transfer the call to another Big Purple Dot user, add notes, updates status tags or set task and event reminders before transitioning into the next contact on your list. Our dialer mode, when utilized with our tag trigger feature for scheduling calls, will help you get through more calls in a shorter period of time. For those leads who do not answer, we recommend setting up templated SMS messages to generate a response instead of leaving a voicemail since SMS has a higher response rate than voice messages.